I built this orb using pink grog clay. First I rolled two balls of clay and then pinched them out to make a basic hollow hemisphere shapes. I then made some slip and joined the two halves together creating a rough sphere shape. I allowed the sphere to dry out for an hour so that it firmed up. Gently rolling and shaping I made a smooth sphere.

Taking small amounts of clay I rolled small pea sized balls and pressed them against the sphere and then pushed down the balls with a pencil to create a hole in the middle of each textured area.

The orb was then fired and glazed with a green translucent glaze which reflects light when the sun shines.

I am not a technical potter, I just enjoy exploring different crafts and techniques, sometime it works other times they don’t but I always have fun.

Recycled Art and Crafts

I decide to create a range of brooches or pin from a bunch of Christmas and birthday cards that I had saved. I decorated the brooches with magazine pages, foils, glitter, fancy yarns and then glazed them and added a brooch pin to the back.

I love the idea of making jewellery from items destined for the scrapheap, why throw cards away when you can wear them and be sure that no-one will have the same as you?It then came to a stage that I had made many brooches and could not possibly wear them all myself. I gave some away to family and friends and had to think of a way to get rid of the others. I like what I make but was unsure if they were good enough to sell, I did not want to sell online or through a site like Etsy because I was not sure if the quality was good enough. So I decided to take part in a local Christmas Fair and hire a table at a school. To my great delight I sold over 70 items and had some lovely feedback. I am glad I  took part in the fair and plan to do it again this year. It seems that people do want something a little different and I was surprised that the brooches were made from recycled items.



One thought on “Arts & Crafts

  1. I think on your other blog I left a message asking you did you make these as I could only see the pictures and no text. Obviously you do make them. they are fantastic and no wonder you sold so many. You are very creative. Lovely art work and contrast of colours. How long does it take you do them?

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