Inspiration for textiles art and paintings. Can’t wait to get creative.


Clee Hills

A breath of fresh air – instagram tizzy1718vegan

What wonderful colours, I feel inspired to create a painting of this view, or maybe a textile piece. I never can resist stopping the car and pulling over to take photographs that inspire me to be creative. Sometimes it’s worth taking a moment and being thankful.

Another area of natural beauty well worth getting in the car for and donning on walking boots to recharge the old batteries. I would imagine when snow falls this view would be outstanding. When you are a the top it really does feel like you are on top of the world.

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Carding Mill Valley instagram tizzy1718vegan

Such a beautiful place to visit, clean air, autumn colours, gentle hill walking, what’s not to like. Well worth a visit to clear the brain and be thankful of the beauty on our door steps.

The village is also very sweet to while away a little time. There is a well known ice cream shop which I didn’t visit this time, but by all accounts it is very good. I don’t know if they sell vegan ice cream but I’m sure there would be plenty of choice for the ice cream lovers out there.

There are a variety of shops, cafes, pubs, antique shops etc. Also some pretty buildings.

Something for everyone!!

Jumping on the bandwagon or just totally shocked…….what are we doing to our environment?

IMG_0022I have just come back from a lovely holiday in Rhodes Greece. The beach outside the hotel was lovely, well groomed and litter free. Yet I walked 100 metres along the beach and could not believe what I saw. I know the news has been full of items on plastic and its awful effect on the environment, but until you see it with your own eyes I don’t think that the issues sinks in.


I think I to wake up and start to realise the ugly truth and think about what I buy and how I dispose of items. There were so many bottle tops, straws, glow sticks, shoes, bottles etc. lots of items that we really don’t need.

I hate to sound like I’m preaching after all I am guilty of buying unnecessary good with out a thought to what will happen to them when I have grown bored with them.

If there is a good side to this issue, it has really made me stop and think each time I go to buy products. I also intend to make sure I continue to recycle as much as possible and do what I can to help tidy up beaches, parks, public places etc.

Witley Court – beautiful ruins

I love this place, I try to go at least once a year. The house and gardens are being renovated by English Heritage and they have just finished a seven month restoration on the main attraction. The Perseus and Andromeda fountain. It is spectacular when it is erupting a huge spout of cascading water over the figures. IMG_1873Everyone gasps as they look down from the ruins and see a truly beautiful site in front of them. The gardens are starting to take shape and is a great safe place for families to have a picnic.


There are also walks of varying lengths which are not too strenuous for all. There is the old boat house, a play area  and a most magnificent church. To top it off tucked behind the church is a tearoom which serve delicious homemade cakes which you can eat inside or outside under trees.

The history of  Witley Court is fascinating, destroyed by fire and once overrun with bikers at one point, all the information you need to know is on a free audio guide.

Witley Court has a romance about it that draws you back time after time.

So if you are looking for a day out with the family or a walk with the dog I cannot recommend Witley Court enough.IMG_1875

 Beaches to explore in Appledore Devon

If you haven’t been to Appledore in Devon you are missing a real treat. It’s beautiful. A lovely quiet town with a charm all of it’s own.image

There are quaint narrow streets, that are wonderful to explore. You turn a corner and find an art gallery or a cafe, pub and in season home owners sometimes open up their cottages to sell products. You won’t find loads of shops but the ones that are there are lovely. There is a great arts and craft gallery, that sell some lovely items, if you like homemade cakes you have to visit the Coffee Cabin on the front, the cakes are so good you have to return to try whats been baked each day. The hosts are also very friendly and accommodating.image

If you enjoy walking you are spoil for choice. Which ever way you walk you are in for a treat, once you reach the beach on the estuary you feel like Robinson Crusoe – hardly anyone around and the sands are beautiful. I believe you cannot swim there because of dangerous currents. If you enjoy collecting driftwood and shells you will spoilt for choice.image

There are also wild horses roaming on the beach and reserve which adds to the beauty. You really must go, it’s so invigorating, imagewhich in our case always ended up with tea and cake at the Coffee Cabin.